Doing what no machine can do. Homemade pasta. Ravioli rolled by hand. Consommé that simmered slowly for many hours. And many more. Everything made from scratch. Unwaveringly on the track of  the perfect taste sensation. Celebrated in our own, professional kitchen. Perfect in every detail. Hotly sought-after and served just as hot.


Nothing is done the usual way. Unique events deserve unique menus. Created and perfected by a team. Living up to all desires and preferences. With the event and the people taking centre stage. With Simone and Gianni Segantini as your personal contacts.

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A feast for your eyes!

It takes real, authentic cooks for real, authentic foods.

Chef de cuisine, Saucier, Entremetier, Hors d‘oeuvrier, Potager, Legumier ...

Processes of perfect timing prevent a too soon as well as a too late.

Perfection is created from the sum of all details.